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Revista Intellector 20 anos: Chamada para Artigos

Revista Intellector comemora 20 anos

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Intellector 20 years: Call for papers

Intellector Journal celebrates 20years.

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(Promise of) The AI: Multilateralism as an answer to the dual use Technology by Anis H. Bajrektarevic

The international community should rather energetically and urgently work on a new social contract to tackle new technologies and their disruptive potentials. It is particularly related to artificial intelligence (AI) that must be deployed safely and in conformity with a globally shared ethical standard.

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Lula no Golfo Pérsico: a dimensão estratégica nos desafios de reconstrução da inserção internacional por Mateus Santos

A mais recente viagem do presidente Lula ao Mundo Árabe chamou atenção para os mais diferentes fatores que impulsionam um princípio de reinserção do Brasil na região, considerando as especificidades geopolíticas, geoeconômicas e diplomáticas dos mais diferentes atores envolvidos.

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New Policy Brief #10 “The global drone market and its impacts on Agriculture 4.0” by Diego Vinicius Martins

“How can agribusiness maintain food production with quality and low costs? The global drone’s market in agriculture alone is projected to grow to $5.89 billion by 2030 (Allied Market Research). These devices, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, in English) have emerged as essential tools to ensure a stable food source.

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Europe’s Social fabrics challenged – From Palestine to the Baltic States’ Human Rights by Júlia Costa de Araújo

Our contemporary world is in a state of turmoil amid the rapidly changing political picture of the globe.

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